Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Facebook is NOT the Devil!! LOL

THIS POST WAS "STOLEN" FROM A BLOG BY OUR ASSOCIATE DEAN, DR JORDAN BARKLEY. IT IS QUITE HUMOROUS, AND TOTALLY TRUE! ENJOY!! "I'm not really sure why some people are so afraid of Facebook.  Since creating my account, I've heard lots of "reasons" why people shy away from it:  A. Everything is public; B. It will wreck your marriage; C. You can lose your job; and my personal favorite D. It's the Devil's playground!  Well, (here it know I wouldn't take the time to type a list like that if I weren't going to spend a few seconds making each one of the things sound idiotic!) A. Of course, it's public; it's a social networking site.  Don't put stuff on there that you wouldn't normally tell the general public.  For example, I know I caught some flack about the sea shell pics from the beach.  Hellur (Madea) I was on a beach in Gulf Shores..that's pretty public. B. You can't blame Facebook for wrecking a marriage.  People are married...not technology.  C. You can lose your job (well, some can) for how you act in public.  So, to quote Ice Cube, "You better check yo' self before you wreck yo' self."  If you act a fool, you're likely to do that anywhere...not just on Facebook. D.  If you go to my feed and see the majority of the posts, there are definitely more Christian updates, quotes, videos than those from Satan.  He's sent me a friend, I just ignored it!".

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