Friday, July 20, 2012

Don't be stupid on social networks!!!

Just a little friendly advice I borrowed from Dr Frank Buck's post... Public and Private Posts on Social Networks May Be Used Against You We've seen plenty of incidents where people are caught by police for posting pictures or status updates of illegal activity. The lesson is that if you're doing something illegal you should not post about it in a public forum because the police may very well find it with just a little snooping. More interesting is that even private posts are often made available in litigation. You won't find a hard and fast law on this, but in several civil cases people have been forced to hand over a Facebook password to show private pictures and status updates. The general rule here? Don't post about doing anything illegal online publicly or privately. While it might seem like common sense with something like robbing a bank, a judge can order you to hand over Facebook passwords in a divorce, Twitter was forced to hand over Occupy Protestors tweets, and you might even lose a disability case due to a status update.

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